El Masfino Country Club, Inc

El Masfino Bulacan
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    Stunning view of

    El Masfino Country Club and

    Hotel Masfino

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    Conceptualized to provide first-class living retreat..

    where mind and body can blissfully rest and recharge...
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    Test your friends’ physical strength with outdoor recreational activities..

    Great for family outings and team buildings!
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    Kids will go wild in the raging river pool..

    Parents will be fond of watching their kids having fun under the sun while enjoying the natural surroundings and fantastic view El Masfino Country Club!
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    Spend a whole day of fun with your friends

    Where you can go picnicking, go swimming, play volleyball, go biking, dune buggy riding, strolling or just plain basking at the resort's unique relaxing ambiance.
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    Modern Lap Pool

    Play basketball.. Swim and Exercise your body to stay fit...
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    Suburban Living in the very heart of Bulacan